International Luxe Hills
Real estate name: International Luxe Hills
Address:#6 section 2 Lushan Road ,Southern Extension of Renmin South Road,Fengtai District


City: Chengdu                                                                  Chengdu: International Luxe Hills

District: Fengtai District                                                     Type: Villa


Those who go to luxe hills should notice its villas firstly, Luxe hills villas dazzle everyone who sets foot on this land.


Pine Valley, Oak Hill, Crystal Downs, Pebble Beach, Shadow Creek, Black Diamond Ranch…these “Valley, hill, down, beach, creek ”never appeared in the plain are actual backgrounds of luxe hills. On the vast green fields, there are Tuscan courtyard detached houses, French, Italian and Spanish detached houses, cheap replica rolex and a lofty castle looking down the entire Luxe rolex replica hills. All villas stand along golf lawn landscape. Luxe hills possess foothills terrain, which is peculiar in Chengdu Plain, and provide advantaged landform condition for lawn landscape. The villas can overlook expansive lawn landscape corridors and have a broad field of vision.


There are a lot of tall arbors in the community. Thus, stretching green becomes the landscape of villas and scenery. Architecture and environment combines organically, penetrate each other, and echo with each other to reach a high level of harmony between man and nature and to embody the superb quality of the community.


 Housing Options:



Facilities in the compound:Clubhouse,Courtyard, Fitness Center, Medical facilities, Playground/Park, Supermarket etc.


Within 5 minutes from the compound:Restaurants,Banks, Supermarkets



Management – RMB2.5-5.4 /month/sqm                                   Water - RMB 2.4/Ton

Electricity - RMB 0.55/kwh                                                    Gas - RMB 2.3/cb


Rental:RMB 35000/month T:(86)28 6687 0687

300 sqm, 4bedrooms

Rental:RMB 45000/month T:(86)28 6687 0687

433 sqm, 4bedrooms

Rental:RMB 45000/month T:(86)28 6687 0687

433 sqm, 4bedrooms

Rental:RMB 38000/month T:(86)28 6687 0687

300 Sqm, 4bedrooms