Europe City
Real estate name: Europe City
Address:No.7 South Tongzilin Road,Wuhou District


City: Chengdu                                                                    Chengdu: Europe City

District: Wuhou District                                                     Type: Apartments


Located in TongZiLin Road which is knows as 'The European Street', it’s a place for people who want to live in an international community.5 minutes walking to European Street and 8minutes to Carrefour. A lot of western restaurants and shops are in the neighborhood of this compound. Life is very appropriate


Housing Option:

1bedroom-(53-58) sq.m.





Facilities in the compound: Indoor Swimming Pool, Tennis court. Badminton court, Basketball Court, Children Playhouse.


Within five minutes from the compound: Carrefour Supermarket, Restaurants, Banks, International School, Hotels.



Management – RMB2.1/month/sq.m.                                       Water - RMB 2.4/Ton

Electricity - RMB 0.55/kwh                                                    Gas - RMB 2.3/cb

Parking - RMB 300/month


Internet - Average Utility Usage (1 Person)

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Water (50 RMB/month)                                                        Gas (50 RMB/month),

Electricity (400 RMB/month)  


Rental:RMB 10000/month T:(86)28 6687 0687

148 sqm, 3bedrooms,

T:(86)28 6687 0687 Rental:RMB 5000/month

Europe City98Sqm

T:(86)28 6687 0687 Rental:RMB 8800/month

Europe City158 Sqm

T:(86)28 6687 0687 Rental:RMB 4500/month

Europe City 88 Sqm