Fuqi Feipian

Fuqi Feipian, created by an affectionate couple fifty years ago, is a cold dish unique to Sichuan. Literally translated, the name of the dish means "Couples Lungs" but in fact, the dish is not made of lungs but other inner parts. 

The meat is stewed in soy sauce and then served with chili oil, pepper, sesame and peanut.

There is a romantic story of the origin of this famous Sichuan dish. Guo zhaohua (the inventor) and his wife sold their acetarious beef slices by trundling a small goods-carrying vehicle along the street. Because their beef slice was made very delicious so that no one can resist the charming smell in that street. People liked the food made by this couple very much, so they named it Husband and Wife Lung Slices. But in fact there are not lung slices at all, only meat from ox's body, tongue, heart and head. When those slices are done, added with special seasoning and celery, shallot, you will enjoy an acetarious dish pleasing to both your eyes and stomach.


Fuqi Feipian

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