Shizilou Hotpot


Shizilou Hot-pot Restaurant

Address: Ren Ming Nan Lu

Tel: 86-28-84333795


Shizilou Hotpot Restaurant dishes are mouthwatering hotpot dishes in Chengdu. It is one of the China's famous hotpot dishes. The specialty of Shizilou Hot-pot Restaurant is that it serves the unique type of Yuanyang hotpot. The Yuanyang hotpot is a blend of hot and spicy soup of traditional cattle-gut hotpot and the bree of mum hotpot. The dish is regarded as the Sichuan Innovative Hotpot. Earlier the hotpot was only served at homes to the family members but now it is very popular throughout Chengdu. The pot in which it is served is divided into two parts by a copper slice in the middle. On one side of the container the hot soup is poured and the other side contains the bree. The most important ingredient of the hotpot is the hot Chilly. Materials of the hotpot are decided by customers at their own will. The hotpot prepared in Shizilou Hot-pot Restaurant is not only delicious but also very nutritious. The unique flavor of the dish makes it suitable to have in all the seasons of the year.