Rome Restaurant

It is not always possible to do as the Romans do even when you are in Rome. Which is why, it is quite understandable if you do get tired of having the spicy Sichuan cuisine day in day out. So if you really need a change and your palette is crying out for some good old pasta and cheese the Rome Restaurant in Chengdu is ideal for you.


The Rome Restaurant specializes in mostly Italian cuisine. The very words Italian cuisine however, is a misnomer as there is no such thing as Italian cuisine. The concept of a specific national cuisine does not exist in Italy as it does in other countries. In this respect thus it is quite similar to "Chinese" cuisine. Just as there is no specific kind of Chinese cuisine just Cantonese, Mongolian, Cantonese etc., Italy too does not have its own respective cuisine. Each area has its own distinct specialties, primarily at regional level, but also even at provincial level. Italian cuisine is not only highly regionalized, but also very seasonal. The stress is always on the use of fresh, seasonal produce.


The Rome Restaurant in Chengdu was originally a French restaurant it has made the transition to Italian cuisine quite seamlessly. This is probably because there is a marked similarity between North Italian and French cuisine.


The staff in the Rome Restaurant is attentive and friendly and rather efficient. The décor is stylish and minimalist and rather pleasing to the eye. The food on the enormous menu is within the range of affordability. The menu has such a wide range that it has something to suit every kind of taste. The pork medallions in white wine and lemon sauce are rumored to be delicious. Desserts include chocolate mousse and tiramisu. A small selection of Western wines and liqueurs is available. The Rome Restaurant is also very close to Grandma's Kitchen in Chengdu.


Rome Restaurant

Address:#117,Kehua Road North,Wuhou District