Xizang Fengqing Wu

Chengdu is famous not only for archeological heritage sites and the famous Giant Panda Reserve accredited by UNEP but also for its restaurants serving a number of dishes belonging to various cuisines. Xizang Fengqing Wu, is a well recognized name in the culinary world of Chengdu. Offering several dishes of Tibetan Cuisine, this restaurant gives foodies a good opportunity to taste some of Tibet's gastronomic wonders.

This cozy little restaurant with only 3 rooms and a few tables will give you the comfort of home. Situated in an area dominated by Tibetans, is mainly visited by the Tibetan inhabitants of west Situan commonly known as Khampas.
Tibetan monks also pay regular visits here during any time of the day. The gathering of different kinds of food lovers, the lot of cheerful people, the exotic décor of the restaurant, the warm and hospitable environment along with Tibetan music played in the background makes Xizang Fengqing Wu , Chengdu a wonderful place to be.

For a snack, you can try Tibetan bread with milk tea. A large pot of tea costs ¥10.
Other notable delicacies include jiarong suancai kaobing -a type of Tibetan bread stuffed with pickled cabbage and barbecued pork, maoniu roubao made of yak meat and suan luobo chao maoniurou, a dish prepared with fried yak meat mixed with pickled cabbage. The price is reasonable and the food is mouthwatering in Xizang Fengqing Wu , Chengdu.

Address:#32,Wuhouci Street East.