Kuaile Laojia Restaurant



Kuai Le Lao Jia

Address: Ren Ming Nan Lu 4 Duan 5 Hao

Tel: 028 8522 3333 


One of the best places to try the hot pot is Kuaile Laojia in Chengdu. Kuaile Laojia translates to Happy Hometown in Chinese. This hot pot restaurant has an incredible feeling of warmth and you'll like it very much for its hospitality as well as its good food. The restaurant is well laid out and very spacious and airy, affords privacy at each table. The Hot Pot is delicious- the thick aromatic broth, the dipping sauce will make your taste buds tingle with its myriad flavors. In Kuaile Laojia Restaurant you will get the special traditional Sichuan hot pot prepared with bean sprouts, leeks, a variety of mushrooms, sausages, seafood, organ meats, and/or duck tongues. Though the menu is not written in English, it has photographs of dishes and ingredients. So it is easy to order even for people who cannot read the menu. Prices depend on the ingredients you choose: more exotic, more expensive. The” ma la” or hot and numbing hot pots is highly recommended though the plain mild broth (baitang lu) is also nice.