Jinli Ancient Street (锦里古街)


The "actors" are brightly painted puppets. The hidden or hooded people manipulate the rods of the talking puppets to tell dramatic versions of traditional fairy tales and myths. The shadow play employs "total theater" integrating dance, music and drama into one art form. Gestures are based on a code of symbolic meanings shared by the actors and audience Zhou Yinong, one of the puppeteers, is proud that this traditional folk art enjoys great popularity. "I've made many friends from both home and abroad. Last month, an Italian TV network invited me on a TV show to give a demonstration on how to make leather silhouettes and how to act with the puppets. I believe with this show, there will be more Italian friends who will know more about shadow plays and Chinese culture. Above all, I'm so glad to see many overseas friends are interested in Chinese culture."On the biggest traditional holidays such as the Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, various themed activities with specific folk characteristics are held at Jinli and attract a large number of visitors to take part.


Since Chengdu is famous for its delicious food, you cannot miss the feast at Jinli where you will find all sorts of well-known snacks from all over Sichuan. You may have heard of kung pao chicken and mapo tofu, which are popular dishes in Sichuan cuisine, but there are more to try.Zhang Fei beef, for example, named after a historical figure, is salted beef that can be eaten either cold or boiled.Zhengzhenggao is a steamed bun made of rice flour and sweetened bean paste filling. Lai glutinous dumplings, named after its first producer, are served in soup. Zhong boiled dumplings are hot and filled with pork. We have named only a few here. The rest are left to you to discover. You may enjoy these delicacies at every stop on your trip. They will be one of your best memories of the journey.


Jinli's success lies in the perfect combination of local culture and business. It has attracted thousands of tourists since its opening two years ago. Zhang Lijun, chief official of the Jinli community, tells us the key factors of their success."Chengdu is a city with a long history and rich culture. We rebuilt the street of Jinli is to bring back atmosphere of the old Chengdu and offer people a chance to sample the rich flavors of local cultures. I believe the street will also pass onto the later generations who cherish Chengdu traditions." 


Location: No.231,Wuhouci Street, Wuhou District,Chengdu

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