Yulinchuanchuanxiang (玉林串串香)


Address1:  No.58,Yulin Street,WuHou Disrict  (main store)      

Tel:  86-28-85580723


Yulinchuanchuanxiang (玉林串串香), Variously locate throughout the city. It’s cheap and fast hotpot, a help-yourself style meal.Go to a backroom and choose your own kabobs. Stick the kabobs into a hotpot soup, and have them boiling. Pull them out and enjoy. Large kabob is ¥1, and small one is ¥0.1 each. Expected to be full for less than ¥25/person. There are both spicy and non-spicy variations, also a large selections of meats, vegetables, and other add-ins. Beer is available in large bottles and sweet soymilk (Dounai) is also served.