Paul and Dave's Oasis

Dave's Oasis organizes for trips to Chengdu and its surrounding areas for the tourists. The Bar also arranges for trips to see the famous giant Panda of China in addition to getting the cheapest ticket to the Chengdu opera. The bar of Dave's Oasis could be the first choice for those who want to experience a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with good food and cheap drinks.


In early 2003 when the SARS epidemic attacked China that Dave lost his business as a tour guide. Thus he decided to take over the Paul's Oasis situated in Central Chengdu, Sichuan province.


The bar of Dave's Oasis is a warm and relaxed place for meeting new people and share different types of interests. The range of food comprises of homemade typical Chinese dishes inclusive of Gung Pao chicken, the local dish to cheese burgers and the finest pizzas. The drinks menu ranges from Coke to expensive cocktails such as Black Russians and Screw Drivers. You can only buy 528 beer for ¥6 at Dave's Oasis bar. The bar is decorated with the items that the proprietor, Dave, has collected on his trip to different places. You will even notice signature of the hundreds of travelers, on the walls of Dave's Oasis, who have visited it over the years. Other than the music played in the bar, a huge collection of CD's is available for listening on the music system. The tourists can even get in their own music to play in the bar. Inside the bar, the computer with internet connection can be accessed for checking your email, and use MSN, Skype and CD burning facilities inside the bar. And the best thing about it is that the usage is free of cost.



Location: The Dave's Oasis bar is located on Bin Jiang Zhong Road, which is opposite the river and the other side across from the Traffic hotel.